Mumbai to Bangalore and much more…Part II

The second edition of my Mumbai to South India trip in November 2018. This edition describes my journey to a famous world heritage site in Karnataka before pulling in to the historic city of Mysore...


The Journey to the South…Mumbai to Bangalore and much more…Part I

A Hasty Headstart Wednesday, 7th November 2018 :¬†Time 2:15 AM. Following Deepak's motorcycle through the middle of the night, I stopped my motorcycle next to his in the car park of what he said was where his juniors lived. A few minutes of dialogue with his juniors and he invited me in to the room.... Continue Reading →

An Exodus…

Left Ferozepur¬†with my pal on our respective motorcycles at around 3 PM on an afternoon several months ago from today...The plan was to ride to Amritsar (160 kilometres) in a couple of hours to try and make it to the 5:30 PM Closing Parade at Wagah Border. No sooner did we hit the Ferozepur-Patti-Amritsar state... Continue Reading →

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